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Location: SE Mexico City

Project Scope: Optimize 1320 Metric Ton per day (482,000 MT annual) of municipal solid waste from a private contractor consolidating waste from multiple sources.

Status: Complete MOU signed, legal prepared Pending. Supply Contract finalization in process, site acquisition initiated, pre-sales initiated, funding initiated
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Location: republic of Panama

Project Scope: Nationally optimize existing municipal solid waste streams and remediate open landfills.

Status: Completed Submitted MOU, Received written invitation from the Republic of Panama to participate in the formation of a national policy on waste management.

Pending Attend office of Secretary General and Director of Technical Services Urban and Domiciliary Housekeeping Authority - AAUD
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Location: Fernando de la Mora, Greater Asuncion

Scope: Optimize1320 Metric Ton per day of municipal solid waste from Fernando de la Mora and area.

Status: Completed MOU sent and signed.

Pending Formal meetings with municipalities, site selection, presale products, funding matrix
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