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Zero Emissions Waste Optimization Plant


ZEWOP™ is a funny sounding word, but what is it? Well, it stands for Zero Emissions Waste Optimization Plant, a revolutionary method of processing Municipal Solid Waste (MSW).


We look at waste differently than other companies; we don’t see it is a problem or liability. Our technology unlocks the resources of within MSW, treating as an asset and utilizing it’s 100%, full potential.


Through advanced sorting and processing technologies, ZEWOP™ takes all of your M.S.W., and turns it into usable products, with no emissions. These products are then sold in the market, ultimately turning garbage into profits.


The reality is that we can no longer ignore the problems created by ignoring Municipal Solid Waste. Technology can transform this environmental disaster into a lucrative profit center, and it is only a matter of time before this will be the standard. Transact Energy is leading the charge for real change with ZEWOP™ 


Things to know about ZEWOP™ 


  • Compilation and innovation of existing technologies and systems from around the world
  • Allows for one container waste collection
  • Abandon recycling/separation programs
  • Abandon compost program
  • Abandon transfer stations
  • No emission, odor-free plant allows for localized placement
  • Single truck pick up comes straight to local plant
  • Separates carbonaceous waste from non-carbon waste
  • Non-carbon waste separated into metals, glass, and gravels
  • Continuous homogeneous Carbon waste stream separated into three distinct carbon chains constituting gas, liquid and solid carbon molecules allowing for further scrubbing and separation of contaminants like Sulphur.


The Waste Problem


Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is a global epidemic, one that continues to grow at an alarming rate.


Without tangible solutions to this global problem, MSW is a threat to every single population dense urban center. Here are some things to keep in mind about MSW;


Firstly, MSW is toxic. Our waste contains every dangerous substance currently available on the market. This includes volatile organic compounds (VOCs), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), heavy metals, radioactive materials, and pharmaceuticals.


Every landfill will eventually leak, no matter how well designed. When that happens, leachate will enter the soil and groundwater. What is leachate? It is the liquid formed by rainwater and melted snow that filters through the landfill and becomes contaminated by the waste and toxins.


Burning MSW is not a solution, it produces harmful toxic air pollution. Incinerating MSW generates ash and releases VOCs, heavy metals, dioxins, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, mercury, carbon dioxide, and furans into the air.


Any toxins captured by air pollution control measures during the incineration process, end up in the ash that is disposed of in landfills. As mentioned, leachate will ensure the toxic materials make it back into the soil and groundwater, as the landfills begin to deteriorate.


These toxic materials are linked to cancer and disease. Just to cite a few examples, dioxins are a carcinogen that there is no safe exposure level. Heavy metals are dangerous even a low levels and are strongly associated with heart and lung disease, developmental delays, respiratory problems, as well as brain, kidney, liver, and nervous system damage.


MSW is a serious environmental disaster, that has been largely ignored. Transact Energy’s Z.E.W.O.P. processes 100% of MSW, transforming it into market-ready products. without the harmful air pollution. 


The Circular Economy

All things manufactured should be made in such a way that they can be later dismantled and recreated into a final end product once the original product has lost its usability to the consumer.

  • Municipal Solid Waste processed 100% into commodities
  • Placed back into domestic market
  • Increase Net Exports
  • Reduce dependency on external imports
  • new products shipped out
  • Reduce harvesting of new resources both domestically and internationally
  • Reduction in need of mined resources
  • Reduction in need of fossil fuel extraction
  • Aluminum recycling is less expensive and energy-intensive than new aluminum
  • Glass recycling useless energy than manufacturing glass from sand, lime and soda.


Four Pillars of Sustainability


Transact Energy adheres to a core set of principles, whatever we get involved in, we want to use technology to help heal the planet. Therefore, any project must meet these four standards before we are prepared to engage.



Does it pay its own way, supporting prosperity so that it can be fully independent and exist tomorrow?



How well does the technology fit into the intended market?



What social issue is the technology or process supporting?



Is the technology or process emissions free? What is it’s environmental footprint?



ZEWOP Products

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