Transact Energy Corporation

TransAct Energy Corp.

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We are a Waste Optimization company for the Circular Economy, that has developed the World’s first and only ‘Zero Emissions Waste Optimization Plant‘ or ZEWOP™. Our technology provides a unique solution to returning municipal waste to the community as useful products.

ZEWOP processes municipal waste at large-scale volume, in an environmentally sensitive manner, and breaks it down into core components. These components can then be sold at market or thru advanced supply contracts, and generate profits for TransAct and our shareholders.

[nz_gap][nz_accordion collapsible=”true”][nz_toggle open=”true” title=”No Emission – Air, Land or Water” color=”#b9e75f”]All of the energy is captured 100%, nothing is lost to the air, land or water. [/nz_toggle][nz_toggle open=”true” title=”Secured a 10 Year Feedstock Agreement with Hasars SA in Mexico.” color=”#b9e75f”]Has secured a 10-year Waste Supply and Disposal contract with Hasars SA for Tlaquepaque region of Greater Guadalajara in Mexico. This is a binding agreement that guarantees feedstock for our ZEWOP™.[/nz_toggle][nz_toggle title=”Signed Land Purchase Agreeement for Guadalajara ZEWOP” color=”#55e6d3″]Transact Energy recently signed a Land Purchase Agreement for the proposed ZEWOP™ site in Guadalajara, Mexico. We are now going thru a technical review to assure compatibility and permitting.[/nz_toggle][nz_toggle title=”Secured Funding Commitments for it’s Business Model.” color=”#ffc000″]We have signed engagement letters with New York-based Investment Banking institutions. Financing is based on our unique business model, utilizing secured feedstock, presale contracts, and fixed construction contracts.[/nz_toggle][nz_toggle title=”Sustainable Solution to Environmental Disaster” color=”#ffc000″]The ZEWOP™ solution provides a market-driven solution to what is an age-old environmental problem. By processing municipal waste, and converting into valuable commodities, we create value from something that has been deemed worthless. This value will be used to fuel our aggressive growth model.[/nz_toggle][/nz_accordion]
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TEGY Recent News

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Our business is the building, owning and operating of zero-emission waste optimization plants (Z.E.W.O.P.™). We process Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), 100% into usable products with no emissions to air, land or water. Our out-put products include, brick mix, metals, glass, fertilizers, carbon black, fuels, waxes, lubricating oils, resins and water. The Z.E.W.O.P.™ has the potential to eliminate landfills and incineration of MSW in every community we build.
Head Office

4260 Cordata Parkway #101-363
Bellingham, Wa 98226

Telephone: 1-360-510-0752